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12 Month old's menu


I'm wondering if you could give me an idea of what your 12 month old does/did eat in a typical day including milk drinks.

My LO seems to have developed a fussy appetite (like Dad when he was her age apparently!) and so I'd love some ideas on trying different things.
The only thing she will wolf down are Ella's Kitchen but they are too expensive to keep buying all the time.

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I try giving my LO different more lumpy food, i tried introducing rice and stuff but she wont have a bar of it

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My LO is only just 11 months, but this is our day roughly:

7am - BF
7:45 - cheerios & milk & 1/4 of a pear
10:30 - few baby crisp things & sultanas
12 - cheese sandwich/toast, grapes, 1/3 banana (hardly ever eats the bread)
2 - BF or cows milk (6oz ish)
3:30 - biscuit
5:30 - spag bol, chicken and veg etc (whatever I'm having), petis filous
7 - BF then bed

She's hardly eating much of what I offer her at the mo - either she's teething or the mild cold she's got is bothering her. I offer water/juice in a sippy cup throughout the day but she hardly takes more than a few sips

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Cocoa- Do you use cows milk or breast milk with her cherios? Are the cherios like those little round brekkie cereal things?

How much do you mash her dinner up for her? ive tried giving Ella what we have and she wont have a bar of it!

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At 12 months we would have this or thereabouts:

6am - bottle of formula (7oz)
7am - weetabix with cows milk, sometimes a yoghurt afterwards, with water to drink
9.30-10am - snack - drink of cows milk or juice or water with some fruit, dry cereal, biscuits, cheese, crisps or something similar
12noon - Lunch - toast or a sandwich with cheese, tuna, marmite, ham etc, with a handful of organix crisps, a yoghurt, some fruit and maybe a biscuit. Water to drink
2.30-3pm - Snack of a drink and the same as at 9.30-10
5pm - Teatime. Either a jar (Stage 2/3) or whatever we're eating. Pasta, pizza, stew and dumplings, soup, could be a pudding of something like rice pudding, fruit and custard, yoghurt and fruit puree, sponge cake (homemade)
7pm - bedtime bottle (7oz formula)

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upsy daisy1
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mia is just over 13 months

bottle when she wakes. usually only a few ounces
8;30 breakfast. cereal with cows milk/crumpet/weetabix/toast

12;00 lunch fish fingers and mixed veg, chicken bites and some veg, scrambled egg on toast, that kind of thing and fruit for afters

snack at around 3;00 usually fruit/yogart/bicuit or hand full of crisps

5;00 dinner what ever we are eating

7;30 bottle.

i offer water at all her meals and also inbetween

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my lo is one in two weeks
we stopped bottles at nne months so everything is out of a cup

he has a drink of soya milk at breakfast with either porridge toast or fruit pancakes
he doesnt get up till 9 so doesnt snack in the moring
lunch will be sandwhich or eggy bread ,scrambled egg,homemade soup with some fruit
mid afternoon snack will be yogurt,some organix goodies or stuff im having
dinner will be rissotto,homemade chicken meat balls coucus coucus,pasta.cottage pie or things like that
super is a cup of soya milk and toast

he drinks about 6 cups of water a day x

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At one Ruby would eat...

Breakfast - 6oz milk, some shreddies and milk
Lunch - cheese on toast, then some pear
Dinner - Anything really - pasta dishes, homemade chicken nuggets, fish fingers, sweet potato / butternut squash wedges, scrambled egg on toast, sausage and mash, homemade pizza
6oz milk before bed

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Max is 11 months and we do something like

Upon waking- cup formula milk- 250ml ish
Breakfast- usually weetabix with either full fat or some formula ( depending on how much he had first thing) and banana pieces or some other fruit normally, maybe some toast.
Snack- fruit/breadstick/baby biscuit
Lunch- he's starting to get frustrated with spoon feeding so now he has a sandwich with dairylea/tuna/egg etc or a cheese panini, something to stick it together, some fruit and finished with a yoghurt particularly if he has chosen to just throw most of the sandwich to the dog.
Snack-fruit/breadstick/baby biscuit
Dinner- this needs to be 4-4.30 as he needs to be in bed for 6pm (his choice!), so often it is our last night's dinner reheated or like today we have dinner in the slow cooker so I'll take his portion out early and we'll have ours later. Tonight he's having chicken casserole.
Before bed- 250ml cup of formula

He has water in a beaker throughout the day.

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Mum (Mom)
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Connor is 1 tomorrow- his typical days is:

6:30am Breastfeed
8:30am breakfast- usually yogurt and a banana
10:30am 3-4oz milk
1pm lunch- usually pasta or a sandwich or a turkey dog with some fruit or applesauce
4:00pm 3 oz milk
5:30/6pm- dinner- whatever we are having (yesterday was aspargus & steak) with fruit for dessert (yesterday was watermelon)
7:30pm short breastfeed followed by 3 oz milk

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