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Bec L
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Shoes (2-3 year olds)

Just bought some new shoes for Poppy - never seems to spend £30 odd quid on my own shoes anymore but don't think twice about spending it on her!

Anyway, do most of you still go to places like Clarks, Clinkards, John Lewis etc for your kids shoes and get them measured properly, or do you get them ones from places like Next or Asda?

I don't even particularly like the ones I got for Poppy but there was hardly any choice in the shop, and she seemed to like them and they fit so it just seemed easier to buy them

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I buy proper shoes from clarks but I get her some crocs and maybe some sandals/flipflops from Next or somewhere x

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I've only ever got Ruby shoes from Clarks - and actually I don't like their range of girls shoes much because they are all very pink and impractical IMO!
I wouldn't know how to tell if a pair of shoes fit her, how much room there should be at the end, if they're too wide / narrow etc.

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I buy her one main pair from Clarks which she wears 90% of the time. I just get the black patent ones because she's had pink an they scuff so easily. These black patent ones she's had now for 7 months (slow grower!) and they are still in great condition.

She has other shoes and sandals and i would imagine if i find her a nice pair of sandals from Next or somewhere she might wear them a bit more in summer.

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I have stopped buying Dec from Clarks, they all seem very babish and tbh I never liked them anyway. I but from sports shops and Next. As long as you have a thumbs width at the top and their feet arent slipping out then they are fine. I have found the girls in Next to be very helpful and have told me on several occasions that the shoes were the wrong size

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I still get clarks or startrite. But like toria said, for party shoes, wellies and sandals i just use next or whoever.

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i get her measured in clarks, but only buy there if there are some i really like, if not i get some from mandmsports (trainers) or mothercare (shoes, boots, sandals). We looked in next but i found them too fashion-focused for my liking and not supportive enough (i'm quite picky!)

you can also buy new clarks ones on ebay or go on the clarks website and look as i've found doodles on there for isabel that they didn't have in store and i got them delivered to store in her size to try and buy if they fit (only £15 for doodles )

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I always buy from Clarks, it's very expensive particularly now I have two kids in shoes! But I'm scared to go anywhere else because I don't want to damage their feet by buying the wrong size shoes.

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I swore i would never buy from Clarks again! what a waste of money!
during the winter their feet were always cold and wet,they weren't protected and my mum bought them BearPaws boots to keep their feet warm in the snow.
The quality is very poor,they charge for feet measuring and nothing else.

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I buy the main pair from boots, that he wears 90% of the time

But he has a pair or pumps and a pair of wellies that i bought from random other places

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