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swimming with a cold

poor Sophies caought a cold with all the weather changes we have been having. I was going to take her swimming toda, havent been for nearly a year, but im not so sure its a good idea when she has snot constantly puring from her nose

what do others think? Do you still take yours when they have colds?

Dont want to make it worse by bing in and out of the water.


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Mum (Mom)
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If it is a LITTLE cough or occassional sneeze, then maybe. If all snotty and bunged up, then no: they have enough trouble breathing anyway.

Simple rule is think how you would feel if you were all snotty/bunged up? Would you still want to go swimming? I am betting not....


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If you haven't taken her in a year then I wouldn't take her until she's better. It might be a bad experience for her and put her off. Thomas goes swimming nearly every week and I usually take him even if he has a bit of a cold, but I won't take him if he's miserable with it. I don't think the swimming will make the cold worse, but it just mightn't be too much fun for her.

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