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Halloween Goody Bag Ideas

Hey gals

I go out of my way every holiday to celebrate it and make it special with Ava. So of course with Halloween being a few weeks away I wanted to ask for some suggestions for goody bags I am making for the kids in Ava's class. The kids in her class are all 2 years of age. I am struggling to find age appropriate items for the bags.

So far what I have for the bags are Halloween Bubbles (bubble tubes with Halloween characters on them and their designed where the liquid does not come out of the tube so the kids can't drink the liquid), Halloween straws (large plastic straws decorated with plastic Jack O' Lanterns on them), and Halloween sticker sheets for each bag.

I was not able to find anything else in any of the stores I visited that would be age appropriate for two year olds. The spider rings they could choke on, the candy necklaces they could choke on, the Halloween erasers and markers they would try and eat, and I am afraid of including candy because of food allergies.

Suggestions would be great or if anyone else is doing goody bags let me know what you're including. Thanks!

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