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Indoor activities for 20 month old

I'm struggling at the moment to keep Elo´se occupied in the day. Mornings are always full, either with a toddler group or she goes to nursery, but after her nap in the afternoons, I have ~1.5 hours to fill. We read an awful lot, and I'm wanting to do something other than read (we go to the library one afternoon a week and swap books but I still find myself reading the same stories multiple times per day). I'm 37 weeks pregnant so going for a walk isn't ideal at the minute, especially as I live right at the top of a hill!

Any craft ideas? She likes to colour and paint but can get bored with 15-20 minutes. I tend to lay out some rolls of paper and let her loose with the crayons. She likes stickers too. Can she use PVA glue?

Any other suggestions?

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Check out

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I was going to suggest stickers too... but bubbles are a winner in this house as well. I definitely use the tv more than i should, but I'm just getting more exhausted these last few weeks. I will stop that once we have a routine with lo here!

Teaching her ABC and numbers is something else she enjoys, along with cooking simple biscuits/cakes, and helping with washing up after (standing on a stool with a cup and spoon to wash)... and my mum made some play dough that she had fun with pressing moulds. Painting with a big brush, water and those little dry cakes of paint doesn't make much mess either and keeps her entertained for ages

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I know what you mean about the stories! Callum has his favourites and boy are they read a lot!! Now that he has a bookcase and his books are in his room I alternate them daily so he has something different, they're still bought a lot to me during the day but at least the next day its something different to read! Other then stories we do -

I get the pillows cushions quilts down and he likes to have a play with these, pretending hes going to sleep etc
crafty things - tubes, tissue paper etc, we'll then play with these, callum has some pva glue but still needs help with putting it onto the paper
we'll cook sometimes - cakes etc, he doesn't really like cakes but does enjoy the making of it and will help stir the mixture etc


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Some things that have kept Sophie and I very occupied recently-

Play dough (we have a set of farm animal shapes that make actual little figures, from ELC)
Sitting at her little table and crayoning (or trying to!)
Musical instruments
Collecting leaves when going for a walk and doing a collage.

Also check out Barefoot Books on youtube, Sophie will sit on my knee and watch them for ages!!

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