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How do I dry a down/feather coat?

I had to stick LO's coat in the wash, followed instructions and now I've been trying to dry it in the dryer since last night and its just not drying and clumping!

It says to dry in tumble dryer on cool air setting which is a 'refresh' setting on ours and its not happening so I thought I'll try drying it on 'wool finish' and i've done this and its still clumping. I'm currently alternating between the 2 cycles and its not happening. I've even got 2 dryer balls in there.

Coats from pumpkin patch and not exactly cheap but it was like a duvet, snuggly and warm and I dont want to have to have ruined it. I've followed instructions but not sure what else I can do.

Any tips on drying it pls?

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I would probably either put it on a radiator to dry or else put it on a higher setting in the tumble dryer. I have a down coat and thats what i usually do with mine. If you dry it on the radiator you just have to give it a good shake once it's dry in order to get the down to come apart.

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I agree with putting it on a radiator - we had to wash our light weight down duvet once and it dried fine without a tumble dryer. Just needed a good shake when it was dry.

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Tumble drier on medium setting and 2 tennis balls - they thump the down so it separates. It's take approx 3+ h to dry

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WSS /\ /\...... Tennis balls in the drier! But a better, and more environmentally friendly as the tumble drier method will take ages! Is to let it air dry and give it a shake every now and again, the clumps will declump once they are dry x

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