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Changing 2 1/2 year old bedtime routine?..

Ever since I can remember, our routine for our 2 1/2 year old has pretty much been the same.

It pretty much goes like this:..... (approximate times).....

-5:30 dinner

-6:30 or 7:00 bath/in pyjamas

-playtime with a snack

-8:00 bedtime

BUT, with the time change, and it being brighter out, I'd like the chance to bring him outside after supper to play. We've moved into a neighbourhood with some other kids that live on the street, and now that he's old enough to go and play and interact, I'd hate to keep him inside when other kids are out there having fun Would it be weird, or hard on him if we changed it up?? I'm thinking of doing it like this........

5:30 dinner

Go outside (or stay inside some nights)

7:15 snack

7:30 bath/jammies

8:00 bed

Would it be too much of a big change to have the bath as the very last thing, then head straight to bed? Of course with reading books just like we've always done it. Or, is it normal because he's getting older?

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I've always bathed megan just before I put her to bed, I think it relaxes them! That's just my opinion though!

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its not a grt change i think ur little one will be fine

but yeh i always bath/book/bed ,defo relaxes them x

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I changed my LO's bedtime routine too recently and I worried he wouldn't settle. He was fine...we didn't have any problems. Try it for a couple of days and if it doesn't work you can always revert back and try again in a couple of weeks.

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I changed up my 2.5 year old's bedtime routine not long ago and was shocked at how well he adapted to it. Someone on here recommended that I just treat the new routine like normal and no big deal. Just sort of say "This is what we are doing before bed now," and get on with it. That worked really well for us.

We've also always done bath as the last or close to the last thing. For our DD it is bath, jammies, BF, bed. For our DS it is bath, jammies, 1 TV show (while DD is being BF), book, then bed.

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My only comment would be to wish you luck getting your lo back inside!

My dd plays with our neighbours son who is about a year older, and I struggle to keep bedtime on schedule when she does. Maybe I'm just a softie when I see her having fun though

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I can generally change up Buns routine as long as I let him know what to expect. But when it comes to the bath, it doesn't relax him - it totally revvs him up! he needs at least 1/2h of relaxation time afterwards (puzzles, etc) to calm him)

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