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No Positive OPK

I am up to day 19 in my cycle and still have not gotten a positive OPK, anyone else gone through an entire cycle while testing with OPKs and not getting a positive?

I have read somewhere that if you test in the morning and only every 24 hours after that you could actually miss your positive OPK as it could occur sometime in the afternoon.

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Mrs B.
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You should really test with OPK's in the afternoon/evening. Some people do test twice a day...I personally don't need to because my surge lasts long enough for me to catch it testing just once a day. Are you very regular? Maybe you just haven't ovulated yet? I don't usually ovulate until CD22-25. You can have anovulatory months where you don't ovulate and some women just don't manage to get +ve's using OPK's despite them ovulating fine. I'd keep using them in case your O is just delayed...and maybe give them another chance next month (if you're not PG!) testing in the aftenoons. GL!

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I test about 3 times a day to catch my surge.You can buy loads of them really cheap on Ebay so its fine if you get through lots of them like I do! I do morning,mid afternoon and night.You may have missed your surge. Do you temp? Because then you`ll know for sure.
I temp so I know if I have actually ovulated because I have had positive opks and not ovulated at all!

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I am in the same boat. This is my first month using OPK's and I am CD20 or 21 and still no positive. I do tend to have longer cycles usually around 33 days sometimes more and a few times less so I am wondering if that it why. My tests have got a little darker but still nowhere near the control line. I do a test in the afternoon and lately I have been doing one in the evenings too.

I am also temping for the first time but have had a few days on it where I have not taken my temp at the time I usually do so from what I can tell my chart doesn't look anything like the charts I usually see posted on here so I cannot even tell off that.

The only glimmer of hope that I have is that perhaps I do O late and so all this time we have just been DTD at the wrong time so that is why we haven't had a positive HPT yet.

I am just using this as a test month I think to get into the rhythm of charting and opks but I cannot help but fret that I do not ovulate on my own.

Good luck to you in getting that positive.

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Haven't gotten a positive OPK yet and doubt I just miss my surge.

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I guess I'm a cycle buddy..I'm also on CD19 today. I'm waiting to ov as well (i think). Been using opks since CD10 and had series of light and dark lines but not enough for a positive. My last cycle Ov' was CD24 and because my cycles are getting shorter (thanks to Agnus Castus) I was hoping i would Ov a few days earlier. I began to fret when I had no line CD16 but from CD17 till now I've been getting watery CM and finally today I got an OPK result that's looking like it's on its way to a +ve (fx'ed). I'm thinking i might get a positive tomorrow...I get 2 days of +ves
Try not to stress you're probably o'ing a bit late this cycle.

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i ovulated this month on CD29 so hang in there!!

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