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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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This past week has been such a roller-coaster. I have to learn to just let myself live my life. Who cares about other people causing drama? I guess I had let it bother me, because I am in a long-term relationship and our only major issue is infertility, and the obvious choice is to drop all the bs and drama. But it turns out that some people just love it when there's always problems, so to heck with them. My husband and I will still hopefully have a family of our own.

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I am so confused and annoyed by my cycles right now. I have a long history of long/absent cycles. I lost them completely for 1.5 years. Got AF once (not sure if ovulatory), and then they went away again for 6 months. They returned after I began medication for hyopthyroid. From the date I began the med to my "first" AF was ~51 days. The next, another ~52. After that another new medication was preventing ovulation. One week after I stopped that med, I O'd on CD 68, making that cycle 83 days long.

I thought, "Okay good," that one medication was messing things up. Now hopefully I'll regulate." Well, it seemed like that was on course. I then had my best cycle yet at 38 days (O on CD 23), in March. Now... I seem to have already O'd on CD 8! So it's looking like I'll have a 24 day cycle. I know this can be normal for some but 1) I've never had a cycle this short in my life and 2) it concerns me that it's so short after they were so long. Now I'm afraid they weren't really improving, but that they were just erratic. I'm also worried about egg quality.

If I did O on CD 8, I have a shot for a BFP because we DTD the day before, and I noticed some fertile cm. I'm just worried that even if I caught an egg, that egg may not even be developed enough.

I'm just getting really annoyed and defeated. I just want my body to freaking work!

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smurphy I dont think you've O'd yet. your temps are still pretty low so I would keep BDing if I were you. I have had FF change its mind about my O date once more temps are input. It will probably take a little while for your body to regulate, especially if there is pcos in the mix! Its also not the end of the world to use clomid or femara to help things along if you need to, once you're ready

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Originally Posted by smurphy90 View Post
Most of us in the TTC #1 forum want a child very, very much. For me, it is my career goal. There isn't something as satisfying or important to me. And unlike getting a job in a particular field, I'm not being turned down because I'm unqualified. I'm being turned down because something is wrong with my body. I don't think people get that, who haven't experienced it.
This this this! For me being a mom is everything. It's what makes me wanna get up and go to work and provide for my family. The though of never being a parent just makes me wanna curl up in a ball and cry. I really don't think people understand how it feels to want something so badly and see others who don't want it, don't deserve it, don't appreciate it or just get rid. They just think stop being impatient it will happen when the times right... well why isn't the time now? Why have I been placed on this earth with such a strong maternal urge but unable to fufill such a basic woman task?

It makes me feel abit useless as a female because by nature I should be able to procreate. It's pretty shit even when I try not to let it get me down or stress me out its hard to go a whole 30days hoping and wishing only to have all your dreams shattered and have to try again indefinitely

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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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So ladies, things have gotten SUPER weird for me...

Basically, I'm a diabetic and I was supposed to be put on insulin last month. The diabetic doctor told me I would be able to collect my prescription from my GP Surgery 3 days after the appointment. So I went. The receptionist told me that "the doctor hasn't put a dosage, so you need to contact him". I left a little confused, but didn't think any more of it.

Because of my working hours I'd been unable to contact him, fast forward four weeks...

On Monday night, my period was 14 days late and I had the WEIRDEST discharge ever, literally like pink jelly (ew). SO I called 111 and they told me to see my GP ASAP, so I managed to get an appointment on Wednesday with a nurse. This nurse is the one who has been dealing with my diabetes, so whilst she was taking my blood, I just casually mentioned that I still wasn't on my insulin, so she looked on my records. The diabetic doctor had written:

"Cannot Prescribe Abaslgar because pt is pregnant"


So, the nurse sent my blood test off and I am just awaiting the results, but I've been doing the maths:

02.03.2017 - Had an internal ultrasound for an ovarian cyst, no baby
09.03.2017 - Had an unusual AF, light and only lasted 4 days
15.03.2017 - Had blood tests for the diabetic doctor
02.04.2017 - Had brown/pink spotting
03.04.2017 - Should have started my period
10.04.2017 - Negative Pregnancy Test
20.04.2017 - Now 17 days late, and numerous negative tests.

I've done some research, and a blood test can pick up HcG from as little as 7 days after conception. and if I am pregnant my baby would be like 0.1 inches in size. So it's all possible.

I AM LOSING THE WILL TO LIVE, Hopefully I will know for definite tomorrow, but like that doctor has withheld this information from me for over a month now. I made like 15 phone calls today trying to find out what is going on, but nobody could give me a straight answer.

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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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You may want to post a thread under one of the other areas of the board, this one is pretty much venting about the TTC process, you may get some advice from ladies who have diabetes and are pregnant as all of us here are trying to get pregnant.

It sounds like maybe the doctor assumed you knew you were pregnant? I'm not familiar with an insulin Abaslgar, and a Google search didn't bring anything up. But...if you have diabetes and high glucose levels you really need to manage the glucose levels especially during the 1st tri. Can you get in with another physician if this doctor isn't helping you?

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Kahloolahky that is one of the strangest things I have ever heard. what the heck? I can't imagine they would have withheld that information intentionally. It seems like they just totally dropped the ball on that one... but either way, that is pretty terrible. I am so confused about how that even happens.

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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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green eyed monster

Right I know this is horrible but a girl in work got married one week before I did. She just announced that she is now 12 weeks . I am genuinely happy for her but I cant help but want to burst into tears and ask why is it not me. She is also a few years younger than I am.

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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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Tomorrow AF is due, i have zero symptoms so far. I am terrified she will come because i've been ttc 7 months now with no luck. I have zero pg symtoms so I don't have much hope left tbh

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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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So, hubby and I relocated to a new town and state-and the negative people that were in our lives have no idea we even moved!! Awesome-so right now I'm just waiting to see if AF comes and if not I might take a pg test. I mean we've been ttc for 8 years now, it would really be odd if we just happened to succeed the same exact month we moved. But being hopeful all the same.

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