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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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Originally Posted by newlychained9 View Post

Thanks again I have not been to a doctor....I cant afford it right now and i have to wait a year to be able to because i don't qualify for as soon as my job offers me health insurance i will be on it...I sure hope my lady parts are just taking a nap before they want to work hard on creating my little bean...I hope you get your bfp soon as well all baby dust our way!!!
Oh no! I honestly can't imagine what it's like not having healthcare as standard, here in the UK we pay into the national insurance all our working lives and we get everything free as a result (well, not prescriptions or eyecare or dental care but that's a small price to pay for free hospital care and doctors). Without the NHS we'd have been set back years on our TTC journey. Instead we're trying to beat the clock from the other side - they stop free funding at 35, before then you get three free cycles of IVF round here and obviously everything leading up to that. They've given me clomid right now to see if that helps kickstart my ovulating.

I hope your insurance comes in and you can get some answers soon enough. Tell you what though - sometimes it does take a while with no need for intervention, so fingers crossed that's the case for you. In fact, my aunt tried for about 20 years and finally got her boy - naturally - when she hit her mid forties. He's 18 now and such a lovely lad - well worth all the waiting for him. So it really can happen any time!

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