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Opk help please :)

Hi, it's my first month ttc and I have been using cheap Internet opk's since cd6 (I know very early, I was excited to start!). I'm on cd11 now and still nothing on opk. I know it's early for a surge and positive opk but I was expecting something on the test line. Is this normal or should I be concerned? My cycle varies between 24 and 28 days but is typically 26. And advice/ opinions greatly appreciated. Thank you xxx

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Hi jess I have 26 day cycles and don't usually get pos opks until cd14-15 so don't worry too much :-)

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I'm new to this too! This is my first cycle ttc and figuring all of this out. There is so much info out there!! I tried OPK from cd 10 to 17 and didn't get a positive. I had some faint lines, but not as dark as they should be. I have read that OPK can miss the LH surge if we only test daily...I guess some surges are shorter. I might try the digital ones next cycle so I'm not spending time studying faint pink and purple lines wondering if I waited to long or not long enough to check - lol! I'm starting to chart my basal body temperature. I wish I had known about it when I started this cycle - learning something new on here every day At least then I'll know if I ovulated for sure next cycle!

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