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Hips popping a sign of pregnancy? :/

Today I'm CD 28. My cycles are very irregular, with my last one going until CD 37. I've been tracking my CM and I estimate that I'm about 7 DPO.

I haven't had any of the common signs of pregnancy.
No nausea, boobs aren't sore, I'm not overly tired.

The last 3 or 4 days I've been getting random dizzy spells or feeling like I'm spaced out.

The weird one is..
On the right side my hip has been popping. It happens every time I walk, when my leg goes back to take another step. Even if I'm laying down and spread my leg out to the side it pops.

It's never done this before, and it doesn't hurt. It's just a very uncomfortable feeling.

I know a chemical is released when you're pregnant that helps loosen your hips, but my question is, could that happen this early?

Has anyone heard of this being an early sign?

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I have not heard of this sign.

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