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We are very excited Charmed! This pregnancy flew by so fast it's crazy. DH is freaking out a bit. I'm not though because we've done this all before and if Owen decides to be different than we cant prepare for that either way so why worry? I'm hoping he'll be a better sleeper though since Oliver was and still is so horrible at it. Definitely going to be easier on myself this time and hopefully will heal better and faster. Long story but we just switched from a birth center to homebirth a couple weeks ago. I just got everything ready for that and the midwives are coming this evening to do my prenatal and check out our home. That alone will be easier on all of us although Oliver is still going with Grammy during labor. He gets really upset when I seem in pain or sees blood, especially on me so i don't want to scare him. But we plan to bake a birthday cake together in early labor should it happen during the day. That was his idea. And if it's at night maybe I'll have him take the supplies to Grammys so they can do it there.

That's too funny on the name! Owen was a character in a book I was reading when I first found out I was pregnant and it stuck in my head. I was scared hed be a girl because I was already calling him that. The name is a secret for everyone we know but I figure if someone sees it here it's no big deal. James is the only middle name we could agree on. I like the name but there's no attachment really.

You'll have to update us after your scan! I bet it is a little girl. How exciting for you! Any names?

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Hey ladies! Sorry that I disappeared! Iím not pregnant or trying so I rarely come back here haha.

Iím so happy for all of you, canít wait to see sweet baby pictures

Everything is great here, Gabrielle is sweet and funny. My husband might need to move for work soon (so me too of course) and thatís a bit scary but other than that, not much to report!

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