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Offically starting to try for our first!!

Hi everyone! My fiance and I have been together for 5 years now and are on the way to having our first baby! We are going to start trying after my doctor visit. I need something to regulate my periods, maybe provera or something? I do not ovulate or haven't should I say, in forever. I take track with charts AND opks and I will go months without a period. We have been letting nature "take its course" for almost a year now and no we are really getting anxious. Do I have a chance of getting something for my period and maybe clomid to help conceive? By this time next year (if were lucky) we would love to be pregnant or have just given birth!

Also, PCOS runs in my family so I'm thinking I may have it..I just really wanna be able to have kids and I'm afraid I NEVER will

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Stay positive! You never know, maybe you're not pregnant yet for a reason. Maybe your baby just hasn't been ready yet. Think happy thoughts!

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Hi, congratulations on your upcoming wedding! I hope you have a wonderful day! Enjoy every minute!

I hope 2014 brings you a baby, keep positive and relaxed and enjoy bring married and hopefully it will happen for you x

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if you aren't ovulating when you go to your doctor they will most likely test you for PCOS.

they will either let you try clomid or there are other things you can try on your own like soy isoflavones. its very similar to clomid. you can look it up there have been tons of success stories with it!

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