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Hi there! We are TTC our 1st and this is the 1st month trying. I'm so excited and also very nervous. I started using OV tests around day 20 just in case and have been ever since, Just got my smiley face today (D27) :-) we BD days 22,24, and 27. We'll do it again tonight and tomorrow!!! We also use pre-seed. I've heard so many success stories from it so I thought we should give it a try! My TWW will be right behind you guys.

I know this is our 1st month trying but I am an impatient person haha I know I need to relax. I decided not to tell anyone we're TTC so I thought I could find friends on here to talk to!

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I feel the same way! My last test was October 2014 bc af didn't arrive and of course it was a bfn! Now I don't even want to test after the tww bc I'm afraid of the disappointment & my co-worker just told me this morning she got a bfp and not happy about it! *sigh* Baby dust to ALL!!!

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Don't worry I bet I will be the same! I've snuck into these forums to see what's happening in here since I will be TTC #1 in a couple wks! I have been waiting for this for soooo long I am sure I will be OBSESSED and also devastated if I don't conceive first month haha.

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The worst thing you can do is get obsessive. Its nature and its natural. So if you are fertile then you WILL become pregnant. It rarely happens first month. Took us 3-4 months. I did track stuff but i never checked cm or used any special lubricants. Your body already has everything it needs to conceive and carry. Its rare you csnt get pregnant. My sister in law has just had a baby girl in november. Ivf. But she has her baby. I am currently 37 weeks with my daughter.

You need to just enjoy and relax. Take folic acid and have sex! If in a few months time your not pregnant then try some extra bits and bobs but to be honest i think there abit of a money spinner. Your worrying on your first month of trying.

everyone around me took 3-4 months on average.

also i do recomend an app on your phone to make sure your tracking your periods. They will give you an expected ovulation date but id personally give or take a couple of days each side.

i had sex at different times of the day and fell pregnant quite easily when i look back.

although i felt like you... scared. Theres no reason you cant have a babu so get ready for the next stage of your life. Before you know it you will be huge and have a house full of baby stuff. Im just sitting around waiting for labour.... if only i knew a year ago where id be now xx

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