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2 chemicals in a row? Sucks

Just looking for some encouragement. Two months in a row we have gotten faint BFPs but end up getting my period and BFNs. Last month I actually got 2 BFPs on the last day of my period. This month it was on 11 dpo.

I know this is very common and happens 75% of the time, not really any prevention and there is a reason it wasn't viable , but I want a baby!!

Anyone else in the same boat ? This will be our 5th month TTC. We are so ready to be parents. Feel like the only ones who aren't yet actually.

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I've never had a chemical so I can only imagine the heartbreak that must cause, I'm so so sorry that you've had it happen twice. I did have a false positive last cycle which crushed me, it definitely sucks to see that second line and then nope.

TTC is so hard, especially when everyone around you seems to be getting pregnant but you... Hang in there! You will get a sticky bean! And in the meantime you always have bnb!

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So sorry this happened to you. Have you seen the doctor about it? Hope you have a happy and healthy pregnancy very soon.

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I feel your pain! I had a miscarriage last year at 6 weeks and have had 3 chemicals since, I started progesterone this cycle, first time, and just got a positive at 7dpo, my earliest ever, that plus the progesterone I'm praying hard this month!!! But there is a lot going right to get a chemical pregnancy... ovulation happening, sperm catching the egg, blastocyte implanting in the uterus and beginning to produce hcg to detectable level .... That's a lot of stuff that ISN'T a problem, keep your hopes up, we will get there!!!! xo

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