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Good luck with your appointments Morena! Progesterone supplements may be an option for you!

MK I'm so excited that you are able to get started on this! I'm rooting for you every step of the way!

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Morena, congrats on the new job! Sorry to hear your progesterone was low. Could they have tested it at the wrong time? Maybe you caught it on its way up or on its way down? My mom had several miscarriages and had to have progesterone supplements in the first tri with both my younger brothers.

MK, priming cycle, WOW this is really happening for you! So exciting! So this is the priming cycle, then you would start ovarian stimulation next cycle? How's the job search going?

Belle, I was sorry to see your BFN, but I think it's too early to count yourself out. Still hoping really hard for you girl.

AF came with a vengeance last week, I'm now on CD7 and my 4th day of gonal-f injections. Ultrasound and bloodwork on Thursday morning to see how things are progressing. We should be starting sex week...but I don't feel like BDing at all. We should try to get in at least 1 BD 2-3 days before the IUI.

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