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Very low progesterone 50mg Clomid

I'm new to this board, and I'm looking for some encouragement/success stories.

I have very irregular periods. I just finished my first round of Clomid 50 mg day 3-7. Used clear blue advanced OPK test kit from day 11-20. I got two days of negatives, SEVEN days of flashing smileys, and no solid smileys. Since it looks like I never O'd, I went ahead and had my cd21 blood tests.

I just got the results back and my progesterone was <0.2. I was disappointed but not surprised that I didn't ovulate, but I was shocked by how incredibly low my progesterone was. Doctor told me to induce a period with Provera and is increasing RX for Clomid to 100 mg for this round.

I know it was only my first round, but I'm kind of freaked out by how absurdly low my levels were.

Has anyone had such low numbers/no response to 50 mg clomid, then gone on to O with 100 mg?

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Yup this happened to me. Provera, 50mg of Clomid, very low progesterone, provera, 100mg of Clomid. On my first 100mg cycle I took it CD 3-7 and ovulated on CD 16. AF came on its own on CD 29. I started 100mg on CD 3-7 of my next cycle and ovulated on CD 16 again. At 12 DPO I got a BFP on a FRER and digital. I'm currently 16 weeks!

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I have more or less the same story as Sarah -
50mg Clomid, low Prog, provera,
100mg Clomid, low prog, provera,
150mg Clomid, Ovulated on CD 14 and AF showed on Cd29
150mg clomid, Ovulated CD17/18, got my BFP on 15dpo

Don't loose hope, you just haven't found the right dosage that make you O

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