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Don't know if I'm Prego, pls help!! 😫

Hi everyone!

I'm new here and I really need some help/advice from people who might know more than me.... So here's my predicament.

I have extreeeeemmmly irregular periods and don't track my ovulation so am unsure when it occurred but my LMP was Jan 18... Me and my boyfriend then had unprotected sex and a few close calls the week of valentines (I know would be so romantic if it happened then! ☺️). A week later I had some brown discharge, thought it was period but it never came so I thought possible implantation? But took a test, was negative, thought nothing more of it. The weeks following I had really bad nausea and exauhstion. Went to doctor for unrelated ailment last week and told her some of my symptoms and the first thing she said was 'could you be pregnant?' She did a test- negative.

But that got me thinking so I went and bought some cheapies and two very very faint lines popped up!!! I did 3 more tests the day after, same thing happened. This is where it gets confusing though, I took two yesterday and BFN's....??? I've had a bit of cramping but no bleeding since the other tests so what is going on???

In terms of symptoms, like I said I've had nausea, tiredness, glowing skin, cramping, a tiny bit of spotting (miniscule), feeling lightheaded all the time, headaches, sore throat and stuffed up nose, full breasts.

Can anyone tell me what could be going on here please? I have ordered some pink dye tests, they should arrive next week but I feel like I'm going crazy right now! Is this all in my head?! so sorry for the HUGE post but thought it best to give as much detail as possible.... Xxxx ❤️

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I'd try again with pink dye tests

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