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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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3 negative tests, long cycles, & AF should up yesterday

Hello everyone,
I'm new here and the main reason I joined this website was because I have no one to talk to about these kind of things.

My significant other and I decided to try and have a baby. This was our first month trying and we had sex every other day of every week. I track my CM every day and we had intercourse during my egg-white days. I was really hoping I'd fall pregnant this first time around but I ended up having my period yesterday. I saw it coming the moment I started having tender breasts and food cravings (always happens a week or a few days before af). But I had hope that it would be early pregnancy signs. I took 3 pregnancy tests all of which read 1 line, & I figured "ok maybe it's too early to tell".

I have long cycles but I get my period every month, meaning that my cycles range from 32 days, 42, 46 , etc... & I've been doing research and read that it will make it harder to conceive. And it scares me because I waited so long to try to conceive and now that we're finally going through with it I end up getting disappointed. I really want to have a baby so bad.
We're going to try again this cycle around and I really hope I can fall and stay pregnant.
Though I can't help but feel like I did something wrong.

Have any of you had long cycles and still have healthy pregnancies?

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I know exactly how you feel, I have long cycles too! So far mine have been regular 40-day cycles, but the last one randomly lasted 55 X.X It was hell. I spoke to my gynecologist and she said if your cycles are long and regular, there is no reason to worry, while long and irregular might be totally okay but could be caused by an underlying problem. Have you spoken to your doctor about your worries?
Something else I'm doing is temping to check if I have an ovulation each cycle, which so far thank god I have. That really gives me peace of mind, maybe it will help you too?

As far as what my doctor has said: If you have relatively regular cycles with ovulations, there is no reason why you would be less likely to get pregnant. Irregular cycles just make it harder to predict when you will ovulate - but if you have sex every second day in the time window when your ovulation might happen, you'll still catch it

My doctor also said that if your longer cycles aren't caused by an underlying issue, there is absolutely no higher risk to your pregnancy, which I found assuring. My mum has irregular and long cycles too and she had three healthy babies, perfectly health pregnancies, fell pregnant really quickly each time.

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Hello first of all we all want to get pregnant on month one so you are not alone with that. But it rarely happens. I have short cycles 24-26 days, mostly 24. I was ttc around cd 8 9 and 10 before i realised i ovulate on cd 13. I also dtd on cd 13 when i fell pregnant with my dd but my cycles were 26 days back then. So despite my cycles being short i still ovulate later in my cycle.

My honest advice for you if you can take it is stop looking for signs like cm for a month or two try and dtd every couple of days between day 12 and 24 or something or just try and dtd regulat throughout your cycle for 2-3 months. If nothing happens you could then try ovulation sticks. They are nice andcheap from amazon and you shpuld track your periods just so you know exactly when you are on and so you can show the dr if you need to get some advice.

You will find that alot of girls have about her cycle or fertility at some point especially on this site and it's totally normal. Just give it more time. It took five mobths for my to fall pregnant with dd. good luck xx

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Sorry for the typos hun xx

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I have long cycles too. I was taking supplements to boost fertility. I never was tested by fertility specialist as I found out I was pregnant the week after I finally made an appt. It took us 18 months but took 6 months to get a bit more regular after bcp. I'm 24 weeks and have a healthy pregnancy. Longer cycles or irregular cycles just may make it harder to pinpoint O and have well timed BD and even with great timing it doesn't always work. Hope thus helps you on your ttc journey

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