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Implantation bleeding

Any ladies who had had implantation bleeding, maybe you can help me. I am 6 days dpo with af due in 9-10 days and Early this morning when I went to the bathroom, there was a small amount of brownish pinking cm on the toilet paper for two wipes and that's it! (sorry if that's tmi) I got so excited and even woke up my husband to tell him even though I probably shouldn't have. I was so absolutely sure i saw it and I immediately logged it and I expected to see some more of it in the day. Since this morning (around 5), I have not experienced any more spotting and now I'm doubting myself. Is it possible that such brief and small amounts could be implantation bleeding?

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I haven't personally experienced it but from what I have read that does sound very similar to other ladies on here who have described their implantation bleed lots of dust to you!

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Hi. I did. I spotted every couple hours or on and off for 4 days starting at 7 dpo through 10 dpo. I got my bfp I think at 12 dpo I don't remember specifically. Implantation can be anything from one or two spots of blood or brown cm to what I experienced. The only difference is mine was only 7-8 days before my period would have been due. I would just recommend testing in a week to see

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