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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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Brown is it AF?

Frequent urination and trapped wind and constipation has been constant and since O I have a twichy right eye that isn't going away, vivid dreams, EXTREME FATIGUE and heartburn
CM has been creamy and white since o expect today I just feel moist
3dpo: sharp pains in groin area between legs
5dpo: sharp pain in hips
7-8 dpo: sharp shooting pain on right side of pelvic area
9dpo: tight lower abdomen I feel like I pulled a musecle, it was hard to move and strech
10dpo: sharp shooting pain under armpit going towards the nipplease
11dpo: random muscles twitching sensative nipples
12 dpo: complete loss of appetite, bad headache couldntc get out of bed
13 dpo: sharp pain near hips and near nipples wet feeling. Shooting pains down the sides of my body at night.
14dpo: (af is due today) light brown later discharge...
Could I still be pregnant? Please help I can't take another bfn.... I'll give up...

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