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Symptoms, positive test and now bleed

Hi all,

New to this forum and really hoping someone out there will help me, as no one seems to answer my questions on other sites

For the past two weeks, I've had symptoms of pregnancy and was due to start my period this morning. My symptoms included: sore, spongy boobs that went up a cup size, veins all over my body, increased cm, tiredness, nausea, insomnia. I took a test this morning with a FRER, which showed a faint positive!

As I was still sitting on the loo, watching the line turn pink, I wiped and ... blood all over the tissue. It was a large amount of bright red blood with small clots (sorry if tmi). It continued for just under an hour like that, with period-like cramps, before becoming very light and pink, which has continued throughout the day, getting lighter all the time. It's almost gone now. This morning, I felt my breasts and they felt softer, less spongy and I cried a lot, believing I've had a chemical pregnancy/very early miscarriage (how cruel on the day I got my first positive test ).

I fully expected my period to kick in. Only, it hasn't. Now I have very, very light pink bleeding (barely noticeable), no cramps and, having cupped a good feel of my boobs again, I notice they're still spongy. The veins are still all over my body as well, especially in my breasts. So I'd say that, aside from the bleeding this morning, I still have every symptom I had before.

Has anyone else experienced this? One part of me believes it was an early miscarriage, in which case I would've expected the blood and cramps to continue, but that's pretty much gone away. The other part of me wonders (hopes, longs) for it to have been some kind of weird implantation or breakthrough bleeding. As I've said, it was very heavy to begin with, which would probably rule out implantation bleeding. But the fact that it's gone away and I still "feel" pregnant, could I be? Or was a chemical pregnancy and the hormones are just going to take some time to leave my body, meaning my boobs and veins will remain the same for a couple of days?

I'm going to test again in the morning, to see if it's negative. But I would really appreciate any advice, friendly words or *anything* anyone can say! This is my first wanted pregnancy (I sadly terminated a pregnancy some years ago) and the symptoms I'm having I've only had when I was pregnant before. I'm feeling very sad and confused right now.

Thanks in advance everyone!


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Hi i completly understand what your going through. My situation was very simular. I got a BFP 11dpo (friday night)very faint and another faint BFP 12dpo then at about 7.30pm that day I started to Spot brown which then increased quantity and became bright red this lasted for about 36hours untill it stopped. I thought chemical pregnancy but decided to go to a&e Sunday evening about 8pm. There I had bloods taken, swabs and an examination. I completly thought that was it my pregnancy has gone. The doctor tells me she believes it was just implanation spotting/breakthrough blood, my cervix was completly shut and she could only see a small amount of blood. They booked me in for more bloods and a internal scan for Wednesday just gone. I was then sent home very confussed as I had started to grieve for my baby only to be told they didn't think I had had a miscarriage. So fast forward to Wednesday I had my scan and they couldn't see anything which is mainly to do with how early I am. However my hcg levels have more than doubled in 48hours. Later that night I started to spot again. Nurse said it can happen after a scan sometimes. Since then I've had the odd brown/pink spotting. I'm not completly out of the woods yet and have another scan next Tuesday. I would honestly say if your worried contact EPU at your local hospital. I was convinced my luck had run out but doesn't seem to be the case at the moment. I will keep everything crossed for you! Good luck xx

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