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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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TTC what's your thoughts on this?

So first I have irregular periods. I've been taking soy isoflavones to help regulate them. I take a dose of 100mg a day for five days each month. I started that in November. On February 19th I started af. I thought it was actually IB because it was brown. I continued to spot for 10 days. I have always had a heavy flow so it was a bit odd. I tested so many times as this is #1 TTC so I'm anxious. I received a BFN each time. So I'm assuming that was just the soy. So that af ended March 2nd. On April fourth around 9pm I wiped and got a pea sized amount of blood. Assuming I was going to just spot again I put a pad on and went on with my day. About two hours later I went to the bathroom and got the same thing. Since then I have not had anything else. Is this Implantation bleeding? Or could this be from the soy?

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Pregnant (Expecting)
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I'm really not sure, but I just wanted to offer encouragement. Did your body adjust fully to the medication and were you having normal cycles prior to this? Also do you take it regularly or ever forget to take it? There are a lot of factors I feel like and I don't know much about what you're taking, maybe call up your OBGYN and see if there's a nurse there to talk to? They may be able to give you more insight

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