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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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Confused about CM

Hello! DH and I have been ntnp/ttc for some time now and I've always been able to tell when I had lots of slippery cm, as it'd be coming out when I wiped. I always classified this as ewcm in my mind (and it always came with increased libido and was mid-cycle). However, I've not really been a "cm tracker" and, although I've tried tracking cp in the past, I can tell height but not really a difference in soft/hard, opened/closed, so I don't consider that a reliable method for me.

This is my first cycle where I'm truly trying to classify my cm and am using Fertility Friend for the first time; and I'm using OPKs for the third cycle (two cycles last year and I just resumed this cycle). I'm currently on CD 13 out of what I believe will be a 29 day cycle. My temps are consistent so far with no real rise yet, and my OPK was darker than the last few days, but not positive yet (I just test once at 2 pm, but may do an additional one at 4 pm starting on CD 13 until I get a positive).

The thing is, I can't really tell if my cm is currently "watery" - because I feel watery on the outside and my fingers are clearly wet when I check - or if my cm is "sticky" - because there are bits of creamy pieces on my fingers as well (when I checked it, it had been around 24 hrs since bd). Do you find that you have a hard time classifying your cm because it's "mixed"?

*Extra note: I was on BCP for six months in 2011 and went off in Oct of that year. It took years for my periods to go back to normal and they're just now consistently 28/29 days. I just started vitex, maca, and evening primrose oil this cycle after CD 1 (and I have cod liver oil to replace the epo after O).

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