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Your welcome! Even if you are out this month there is a really good chance that when it happens you'll be like ok, yeah its coming, and you'll carry on and BAM it won't come. I read on here once a lady said that it was the times she was the MOST convinced she was NOT pregnant and the least worried about it, that she actually was. This was the same for me, even at 2-3 days late talking to my friend, and I was still saying there is absolutely NO way, I am having every pms sign, and I totally missed this month, I think I even wrote it on here and I was legit planning on the next cycle and bought OPK tests so that's how convinced I was ... ( I am usually 2-3 days late on either side), so I literally had NO idea until I was 5 days late and started to wonder slightly. Good luck

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I'm pretty sure I'm out for this month, but at least I know that seeing the spotting isn't the end of the road. It could still mean a BFP. Going to see my new OBGYN this afternoon. This will be cycle #4 for us, but I've had some other issues going on and I want to make sure that they won't prevent me from TTC. FXed.

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Originally Posted by smile7060 View Post
I hope I can post this here!! I found this thread because I was convinced that AF was coming because I was having cramping... and I am pregnant! I found out last week. SO even if YOU ARE cramping take heart that it actually could be implantation! My cramping felt exactly the same as period cramping, was pretty bad and painful, but my period just never came.... each morning, I was like ok its coming today, there is NO way after last nights cramps... and it still was elusive. I waited 5 DAYS because I was certain it was on its way. On the fifth morning I tested and low and behold SUPER positive!!!
Thank you SO much for your post. I have been spotting for 5 days, AF is now 1 day late, and I woke up with terrible cramping, but I STILL hold out hope that I'm pregnant, even though this morning, BFN. I may or may not start AF today, but your comment made me feel hopeful. I have a fibroid, and it always causes me pain, but maybe, just maybe, this is a good sign...

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