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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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TTC Coming off the Pill - AF not returning.

Can anyone give me some help, i have done so much googling that its driving me crazy and i just want some advice from anyone else who has experienced this.
1. how long did it take you to fall pregnant off the pill
2. how long did it take for your period to return.


i went off the pill yaz after being on it for just under 5 years on the 13th March. I got my withdrawal bleed approximately 2 days later - it lasted just over 6 days. My partner and I did the deed the night it finished. 2 days later i had spotting - brown discharge - only a small amount lasted just under 2 days. we also did it numerous times throughout the month including the ovulation period.
Now here i am on the 19 April. I was supposed to get my period on the 10th as I was normally very regular before starting the pill.
I still have no period, i have so many symptoms relating to pregnancy, Sore nipples, headaches, acne, incredibly oily hair, cramps and for the last 3 days a white discharge (very small amount). I have done 2 test one on monday and one this morning and both negative. could i be pregnant or am i having late ovulation due to the white discharge.

so any help on either question above would be highly appreciated

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Pregnant (Expecting)
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Mine took a good month 1/2 to return and then for another 3 months I had a period every 2 weeks. I didn't really get back to normal for like 4-5 months

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If it doesn't come back soon (within the next few weeks) I'd go to your doctor and ask them to run some blood tests. It sounds like you could have PCOS. I was in your position about 2 years ago and I wish I had just gone to the doctor rather than try on our own for so long. We got into a fertility clinic, third Clomid cycle I'm pregnant. When we try for #2 I'll be going straight away.

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