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Sudden Nausea At Night

Hi ladies..

The past 2 nights, I've been feeling nauseous at night with 1 episode of vomiting.. accompanied by dizziness & right pelvic cramps.. also i felt warm sensations on my lower limbs n joint pain at times.. felt super tired despite sleeping 10hrs a night..

On the 15th may, i had a brownish spotting which lasted for 1 day only.. the next few days, no stains

Then on the 19th May, i had a light pinkish discharges.. with constant right pelvic cramp.. This lasted for 2 days.. i'm sure its not menses.. its too light to be one..

I have PCOS history..

I have no idea whats going on with my body.. poas is bfn..

As im typing right now.. having right sided headache with nausea still.. feeling bloated n heavy down there..

Anyone experienced the same?

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