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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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Could I Be Finally Pregnant?

Hi Ladies!

It's been 2 years and 8 months we are trying to get pregnant.

Due to my PCOS, I have not had my menses for 110 days now.

But lately i did an ovulation test kit, i knew this month i did ovulated.

So on last Saturday (15th April) I had a brownish discharge that lasted for one episodes only.. Just a spot and thats it.

Next followed by on Wednesday (19th April) a pinkish discharges which occurs on my pantyliner as well as when i wipe it... lasted for one episode too..

So now, since 4 days ago I've been feeling nauseated, boobs are feeling aching (more on the right one) metallic taste like iron blood in my mouth, constant cramping on my right side pelvic and right below my belly button..

More of a pulling and tugging kind of sensations. Slight bloatness and queasy..

I do feel my body temperature has raised for the past 3 days with no fever. Fatigue, joint aches and slight runny nose.. And yes, I've been feeling emotional and moody.. Didn't feel like speaking to DH at all these days..And the dizziness and light headedness is stopping me from concentrating at work..

And today, i've experience a thick creamy yellowish tinged at work.. sticky i can say.. No odors.. Anyone has experienced this?

Checked UPT few days ago still BFN.. :BFN:

I'm just feeling super tired and low on appetite..

i will be seeing the Doctor tomorrow. Finger crossed.

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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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Praying for you BFP!!!

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Good luck hun, it does sound promising. Keep your head up .

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