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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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TTC #1 So ready

So me and my hubby been together almost 10years im 25 he is 26.we have no kids we never used condoms so i went to the obgyn on 03/10/17 my doctor prescribed me 50mg of clomid and 500mg of obgyn told me to do clomid days 5-9 .on 03/20/17 to do my blood work everything came back normal they also did hubby semien analysis.that came back low so he went to urologist and got checked every was fine they did blood work on him also .i took my hsg test on 04/13/17 that came back normal.So now i start my first cycle of clomid on 05/09/17 my first day of my cycle was 05/05/17.My husband did say im on edge and had a little mood swings here and im going to wait 3 months with just the clomid and baby dancing if it dont work my obgyn suggested IUI...So anxious if you guys have any suggestions on how to move it along please info me. Baby dust

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