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EWCM but opk isn't turning positive

My cycles are irregular which doesn't help however, I am on CD32 and have had EWCM for the last 11 days, with the last 3 days having a lot of ewcm. My confusion is, my opk is not getting a positive result. There is a line, clearly visible but not close to a positive. I would have thought that once ewcm shows up it is a sign of impending ovulation.. am I wrong? Any thoughts on why the opk wouldn't be showing positive after this long? I have been testing with opk's since CD11, so I haven't missed it.

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I'm not expert but normally you only have EWCM for a few days before ovulation, so the fact that you think you had it for 11 days makes me think maybe you're misinterpreting your CM? Are you temping to confirm ovulation? That might help give you some certainty

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it's possible you aren't ovulating. Sometimes the body can gear up because the hormones are there but you just don't ovulate. Anything can do it. A cold (a major one for me), stress etc.

I had watery cm for 5 days, then ewcm for 1 day, then back to watery for 3 days and now I have had 2 days of ewcm. All Opk's from cd 10 to cd 21 were negative. I have pcos and don't O on my own so I took Soy Isoflavones (natural clomid) but I got a cold and so my body geared up at cd 16 but didn't O because of the cold. Now that my cold is gone my body is gearing up again.

I do suggest you start taking your temperature every morning as well. It confirms O with a temp spike.

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