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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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Irregular cycles

I went off birth control in Feb 2016, since then we have been NTNP. My fiancee and I work different schedules so find it hard to find the time to BD at the right time.
I have been symptom spotting off and on and I think I have gotten fairly good at knowing when I ovulate. I have sporadically used OPKs but I think I have only had one clear positive.
My fiancee and I have gotten pregnant about 3 years ago (accidentally) but lost the baby at 8 weeks.
My cycles so far:
#1 -29 days
#2 - 28days
#3- 28days
#4- 38 days
#5 - 32 days
#6 - 32 days
#7 - 22 days
#8- 45 days
#9 - 51 days
#10- 35 days
#11 - 31 days
#12 - 33 days
#13- 47 days
#14- 32 days
So my question is, is this enough irregularity to be consider PCOS? I have other symptoms, such as weight issues and facial hair.
We are planning trying properly after our wedding in September and I'm keen to start testing if we need to.

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PCOS is a complicated problem with 5 different types. Having facial hair and weight issues sounds like it could be a hormonal imbalance (one of the PCOS issues). Your best bet would be to get tested and start getting your reproductive health in order so when it's time you'll be ready. Plus you can find out if your fiancee has any male factor issues, too. If I had known I was going to have issues, or that I had PCOS, when I first started trying 12 years ago, I would have jumped on getting help right away.

Good luck to you!

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