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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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Antihistamines during TTC and pregnancy

I have chronic hives,and take zyrtec 5mg every alternate days for the past 8 months, would that be a problem for TTC and wil it affect the baby? has anyone tried zyrtec during pregnancy?

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Antihistamines dry up all mucus, including fertile cervical mucus. I would use pressed or other ttc friendly lube that mimics ewcm to counter act the side effect. Also, zyrtec was on my list from dr okay to take while pregnant. Good luck on your ttc journey

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I had been taking a sleeping pill that contins an antihistamine for years and this month decided ti stop taking it because i never seem to have fertile cm and have been worried about. So, i stopped taking it and BAM lots of ewcm so i am feeling better about this cycle and movong forward ttc. If you cant stop taking it, i would second the preseed suggestion and even more increase your water intake. Drink tons of water. There are also supplements you can take, but i dont know much about them.

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That's really good to know. I have been taking antihistamines lots .. I have every day because my allergies are so bad, but they are subsiding now to the pollen. I haven't seen any CM lately that's clear, and even on the first time we tried during my fertile window I didn't see any either. I am 9 days post O right now and im pretty sure we missed it this month. Im testing Sunday. Ill have to try and get off the antihistamines before my next cycle if im not pregnant this one.

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I also read antihistamines can harden the shell of your egg :S

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