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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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Confused and little worried

My partner and I have been trying to conceive since I had the coil removed in January. This will be #3 for me and #1 for OH. I have a 22yr old and a 10yr old. I am 42 and he is 44.
Been using FF for 1 cycle and I have had a 27-28day cycle since Jan 2017.

My questions have come about because my chart and recent events:-

My temps appear to be high and my cover line is 39.96 Is this too high?
I felt I was pregnant up until Friday 23rd (BFNs so far though!)
Could I still be pregnant?
Could it be an ectopic?
Should I test again?
Was this brought on early by stress?

Up until Friday symptoms have been: tired, gassy, cramping, backache, very swollen boobs (had to get bigger bra), bloated (felt overweight) started peeing a lot (but then I was drinking more) & headaches.
As I was not due to start AF until Monday 26th I was waiting to test again today as I have had BFNs and I was getting obsessed.

Apologies in advance for TMI but I need advice..
Friday (23rd June 14DPO - Temp 37.2. I got highly stressed at work due to the EX! Went home at 2pm to deal with pending issues, out of the blue, within 5mins of getting home after a 40min drive, I had a full blown heavy AF (I think)! This was totally unexpected with no spotting prior?
Heavy red blood (no clots), cried my eyes out as I genuinely thought I was going to be pregnant same symptoms as my #2.
This seemed to slow for the rest of the day and come in waves (sorry TMI long stretchy blood coming away) along with very bad backache and bad cramps on my right side took pain killers - put pad on for bed not much in the pad the next morning normally I would be flooded on the 1st day of AF?
Saturday - Temp still at 37.2 - I was exhausted didnt want to do anything or go anywhere vegged all day bleeding very light but there when I wee boobs shrinking but cramps and back ache still there took pain killers. I put a pad on for bed and I had slight marks when I woke.
Sunday Temp 37.1 Thought should have dropped further by now. I completely stopped bleeding on Sunday morning, felt a bit perkier too.
I went to bed Sunday night with feeling of going to vomit, pains in my belly button and cramps. Could it be the comfort food?

Its now Monday 26th June (AF due date) Temp 37.00 Temp is dropping albeit slowly.
All of my pregnancy symptoms have disappeared along with the AF 24 hr period???
My AF usually lasts 4-5 days and is never early.
I woke feeling bloated, very mild nipping in BBs and in right side (not sure if its my imagination).
Headache has come and went.
Ive never had morning sickness but I felt like there was a lump in my stomach (still very mildly there now) and very mild nausea (very, very mild). Not sure if the comfort food from last night.

I bought thermometer 28th May took 1st temp 29th May 37.2 just for giggles just so happens I started that afternoon.

If it was by any slim chance it was an IB would it be too early to test again?

I never bothered really at specific time during AF, fluctuated around 36.8/36.9. I started taking temps (orally) at 6am ish every day from 5th June. Not sure what the big dips are but FF seems to think I Od earlier than I thought I would but this is my 1st month tracking and I dont know whether I am coming or going.

Thanks in advance & any advice would be welcomed and apologies for the TMI, many questions & simply put a novel!

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