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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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trying for #1

hi I'm new here my names Gabrielle, me and my boyfriend recently started trying for baby #1. this will be our third cycle trying but I only see him from Thursday night to Sunday morning every week because I work in New York and he works in PA, I am moving to PA in a couple of months, He is also older I'm 27 he's 44 so I was a little concerned that his age might make it a little more difficult to conceive, last month I'm pretty sure I had a chemical pregnancy, I tested positive on 8 dpo but then only negative tests after that and then I got my period. July my ovulation dates line up perfectly with our time together so I have a good feeling about July.
I never thought it would take longer than a month to get pregnant, my mom always said she got pregnant as soon as she wanted to with me and my sisters, but since I'm an obsessive person, I have started temping and tracking my cycle to make sure everything is working right and as far as I can tell everything is fine.
I just thought it would be helpful to put my mind at ease if I could talk to other woman going through the same thing, and maybe stop driving my boyfriend nuts. although I am proud of him for remembering all the baby and pregnancy stuff I told him, most men have no idea the actual details of how pregnancy works.

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This is my first month TTC Im pretty sure Im not pregnant though and I kind of was convinced that it would happen the first month too, so I have mixed feelings right now. If not then there is always next month. Im due to get my period on the 12th and I feel just like I normally would getting my period. Although I have heard that the symptoms of pregnancy and period are almost the same. I have super sore nipples and some cramping, which or normal for me to get my period too, so I don't really know... guess Im gonna wait a little longer and test. This cycle has been a little different though, I have had twinges and shooting pains and a heavy pulling feeling, so who knows. It could be that I am hyperfocusing too and noticing things more that I would otherwise.

Good luck!

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Hi Gabrielle and Smile! I'm Lauren and this is also my first month TTC. Like you guys, I never thought it could even take more than a month to get pregnant, but now I'm pretty convinced that I will see a negative once I test next week. I'm seeing symptoms, but I feel like I'm over thinking them, since this wouldn't be the first time that happened. I'm due to get my period on the 20th, so my plan is to test on the 17th, but the wait is killing me, and my husband doesn't want to hear about it lol. He says I'm thinking too much about it, stressing about it, and it'll cause it not to happen. But it's hard not to think about it!

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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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Hi all! DH and I are trying for our first as well. This is our third month TTC. I knew it wouldn't be easy, but he was expecting to be pregnant right away and got a little disappointed. Now that we both know what we're in for, the disappointment has mostly gone and we just spend BDing time focusing on each other. I have several people in my family that had "oops" or "we weren't trying" pregnancies and seem to be pregnant every time you turn around so it's very frustrating. Good luck to all of you! Sending baby dust!

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Hi everyone :-) I'm also on my first month TTC! In the two week wait currently!! I always thought it would be instantly and the more I read around it the more obvious it becomes that it's not as easy as that! What plans do everyone have for trying to pass the two week wait without constantly thinking of it? I'm currently 4 days past ovulation and no idea how I'll go an extra 10! Haha!! Baby dust to all!! Xx

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Hi everyone!

Good to see so many new TTC #1. So excited for you all!

Remember, both you and your husband / boyfriend needs to condition your body in the best optimal shape for conceiving.

To start with:
  • Cut down caffeine
  • Lay off smoking / alcohol
  • Engage in simple exercises / yoga
  • Healthy diet, etc.

For those who are worrying every single minute during the TWW, please remember, you are unknowingly causing stress to your body.

Participate in hobbies, do simple exercises, meditate to keep your mind busy.

I wish you all the best in the BFP!

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