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Frustrated - endo & pcos

So I have endometriosis and PCOS; I had a laparoscopic in January and since then I have been having 'periods' every 2 weeks. I'm ttc and saw my gyno today who told me that the best course of action he could think of was going on the pill until October to stop the bleeding and then trying again , has anyone heard of any vitamins or anything that could help regulate me instead of going on the pill as that will prolong ttc even longer
I was also given prenatal vitamins to start now and it's upto me weather I start the bc or not. I'd prefer to regulate my body and conceive without going on the pill.
Any ideas? I'm losing hope. i KNOW I can concieve as I have 2 children just frustrated and upset. My two kids were unexpected miracles and now this is gonna be difficult when I plan it ;(

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Hey you might get more response posting in the general TTC forum. This is the ttc #1 forum and is just for those of us who are working on number 1!

Sounds like you aren't ovulating. Vitex can sometimes help, you could also ask about femara or clomid

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