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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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Tried Just about everything.. now what?

Hello ladies Im a long time BNB TTC#1 I decided to come back even though im on a little break from TTC. TTC#1 since Oct.2014 and still nothing but 1 MMC. I've done just about everything natural, clomid, provera, iui, IVF,FET and still nothing. Im not going to give up I once again switched doctors so I will be going back to TTC in October . im thinking about trying IUI w/ Injectables this time I still have loads of Gonal left over from my IVF and wanted to give it a try before using my last Frosties. Any thoughts and please feel to join me on my journey. All are welcome

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I read some of your posts and am totally rooting for you! I know I can't personally relate but I have some friends going through this and know it's such a rough journey.

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