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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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Implantation Bleeding???

So to start off I ovulated CD 17-18 (July 23rd). I have long cycles hence why I O'd late as usual! Anywho so we made sure to get busy the day I got the LH surge and the day after. Its now 8dpo. About 6dpo I started having light bleeding. 7dpo I had light-moderate. 8dpo I now have light-moderate and think it may be stopping today. The colors vary its been pink-bright red at times, I do have clots a couple times that I have wiped but the clots are very small and don't resemble the bigger ones when I'm on AF. I can wipe once and have very little blood left over. I've had cramps but not like the ones on AF. Pregnancy test came back neg today. What does it sound like to you... I'm so confused I've felt a little nauseous all day, but nothing where I feel like I'm on the urge of puking, I've also been sleepy/exhausted the last 2 days.

My period has never been early, there is a few times it has been late, but definately never 1-2 weeks early. But I'm also worried it could be a super early MC? I may be over thinking everything, what do yall think!

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I'm doing something similar . It sounds like IB . I seriously did just about the same thing . Brown spotting 5,6,8 dpo. I'm 8 today . !but all my rest are BFN hoping this is IB for both of us !

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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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Hoping for all 3 of us! Exact same thing happened to me!
O'd CD12 and did the deed with DH, very light bleeding would consider spotting aside from the smallest clots (not enough to fill a tampon in a whole day, sorry tmi) on CD 17, it ended by CD 19, did a test on CD 21 with a BFN now just time to wait I guess AF is due on the 3rd so time will tell..

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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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I'm in a similar situation too. I had my period on the 17 august. We BD on 25th and 30th.

I started spotting on the 3rd September to the 7th.

Had watery CM with lotion CM from yesterday.

Took a test this morning, BFN.

According to my app I'm not due on until the 15th but my cycles length change every month. I'm normally at 25/26 day cycles

This is driving me crazy as I have been lacking hunger, gases, thirsty, sense of smell has increased, I've been feeling sick, emotional, cramping and a little constipated.

Fx for you all xx

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