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Sex Headaches/Migraines for DH.

Has anyone had their DH or significant other experience migraines/bad headaches during sex? We started BDing last week and Wednesday was fine, but on Thursday he had a terrible headache right before the big O. We took a break on Friday, but it happened again Saturday and Sunday. It got so bad that we went to the emergency room on Monday to make sure something wasn't going on. They diagnosed it as a form of migraine/cluster headache and gave him a beta blocker medicine to take twice a day.

Has anyone else experienced this or had their DH experience it? I was reading it's more common in men than women.

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Actually, my ex fiance used to experience the same thing. His doctor had told him it was a significant rise in blood pressure. It would happen every time without fail, so eventually he was hesitant to even do it anymore... But if your hubby got some meds for it, then I think you guys should be alright. My ex wasn't in to taking any meds so it became difficult to manage :/

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