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First cycle off BCP for TTC! (w/OPK pics)

Hey all!

I'm psyched to finally be off BCPs after about 15 months on them. This is my first cycle off and first cycle (mildly) TTC as of af which started on August 5th. I say "mildly" because DH and I initially discussed TTC for this October and NTNP for August and September (as to let my body regulate for a bit)... However, DH has been saying if it happens sooner, it will be just as awesome, so I took that as an invitation to truly TTC, haha!

Anyway, I was on Gianvi (Yaz) and most notably since taking my very last sugar pill on the 3rd, I have lost about 5 lbs, in water weight I assume... So that was great. The thing is, my temps look pretty normal to me for the first half of my cycle (taken at 6am each morning), but starting on the night of CD9 were some pretty achy crampy feelings in both the right and left side ovary-areas. The aches have continued into this morning so far (CD12)... I always had ovulation pains for a few days during each cycle over the years with a typical 28 day cycle (when I wasn't on BCP), and this is exactly what that feels like... but the OPK's aren't matching the cramps; showing negatives...

Has anyone else come off of BCPs and experienced aching ovary areas earlier than ovulation?? It has certainly been confusing, however DH and I have been BDing straight through the aches, so it isn't overly painful, obviously, haha

For visual fun, here's how my first cycle is looking to date (I also chart using the Natural Cycles app)

So, if you're newly off BCPs too, I'd love to hear about your first cycle off to ease my mind a bit, I really hope ovulation is in the books for me this cycle, I have heard that it can take some time for some women

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