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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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Finally getting checked out.

So, last year in march i took the deep provera shot, have been TTC since i got off of it last august. it has now been a year of trying and nothing.

DH has 2 kiddos, I know that he can have kids.

I went to the doctor on tuesday and got a routine Pap, and talked about ttc with the doctor and she prescribed prenatals.

however, my period has been irregular since may. I've only been spotting for about 2 days when my period is due and then it stops.

Doctor sent me to a lab to get blood taken (tomorrow) checking my TSH, FHS, LH, and PROLACTIN.

have a follow up appointment on the 31st to view results and see why i haven't gotten pregnant yet. Anybody experiencing something similar?

I'm TERRIFIED to hear her say that I'm infertile or there is a problem with the pap. Any advice?

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Those are all very baseline tests. Most likely you may be referred to a fertility clinic, where they will run a bit more extensive tests, and talk to you about treatment options like timed intercourse, IUIs and IVF. 1 in 8 women are diagnosed with infertility, and many of those go on to have healthy, happy babies. Hang in there & to you

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