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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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My sister in law recommended I come here and check it out. I have no idea if I am doing this right not, if not please send me in the right direction.

My boyfriend and i have been TTC for a year now. I have been on metformin for the year due to me not ovulating and its worked with giving me regular periods and such. but still no baby. She has put me on clomid which I will be taking my first dose on the 1st of September. I'm a little confused. I know i take it on the 5th day of my cycle. but im unsure when were supposed to have sex. Should it be the day I take the first pill then every other day? A app i have said i will be most fertile on the 1st and 2nd so i dont know if we should on the first and 3rd or the 2nd and 4th.
Does anyone have any success stories with clomid or any advice?

Thank you in advance!

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I was on Clomid to restart my ovulation the cycle I got pregnant with DS. In my case it took a couple weeks after I first took the Clomid before I actually ovulated. (It was either CD 22 or 23.) I would recommend using OPKs to get a sense of when O is about to happen and temping, if possible, to confirm it. If you're up for having sex every other day from when you start taking it, even if it takes a couple weeks, then that's a perfectly good strategy! But this way you'll know when you can reasonably take a break without missing your fertile window.

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