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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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CD 17 and getting my period again? Input please!

So I have regular cycles I have been tracking for almost 5 months now daily and before that they have always been on time, I only started tracking when we decided we wanted to TTC.
I can't call this implantation bleeding as I have gotten a BFN so far but if someone could Shed some light possibly on what may be going on that would calm the nerves

So full story is I just finished a regular cycle and as she should AF showed on the 7th and ended the 11th (I always spot the day before and 1-2 days after AF so I usually only have 2-3 days of bleeding but it is a fairly heavy flow) I went on to BD on the 19th (CD 12) with my DH then come CD 17 (24th) I see brownish-pink spotting, it carried on to get a bit heavier but not enough to fill a tampon fully even after 8hrs however there was a few clots but I would not consider this a normal period for me, this lasted for 2.5 days and I got a BFN today when I tested (28th)

Real question is was this just my period on could this be implantation bleeding? (I do know implantation is suppose to be similar to spotting not an actual bleed)

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