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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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TTC #1 - MMR Vaccine & HyFosy Procedure

Hey Ladies...

It's been awhile I've not updated. My previous TWW end up with AF.. So much for the symptoms but yeah.. Guess it's a new cycle..

So I was referred to the Reproductive Specialist and they had me on so many tests..

PAP SMEAR done.. BLOOD TEST which includes HbA1C, Anti Mullerian Hormone, Rubella Virus IGG Antibodies, Prolactin & FREE T4/FSH too..

Received a call from the Dr's office saying that my HbA1C is 7.2 (normal below 6.4) and my Rubella Virus in my body is negative, which requires me to get an MMR booster jab.

From what was adviced to me, I should avoid getting pregnant within the 3months after the live vaccine was given. Was pretty upset.. I thot I could start to conceived when I did the HyFoSy mid October.. Instead only after Dec I could..

So far the other test are normal.. FREE T4/FSH is good..

I was advice to do the OGTT test to determine if i'm diabetic. I'm 28 this year with family history. I thought that my insulin resistance was caused by purely PCOS and not due to diabetic status. I'm not sure if the test result will be accurate and state that I'm Diabetic purely and not due to my PCOS..

Any advice ladies? I've started changing my diet intake.. Hoping it could help me..

And as for HyFoSy, has anyone did it? How was it? And successful stories? Not sure if I'm having blocked tubes..

Dear Husband has done his SA test and all looks good! Continuing his Zinc supp..

Do share with me and i will try to update the outcome soon..

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