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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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Our parents know we're TTC just to get them off our backs. His mom doesn't want to know anything until I'm in labor since she used to work in a fertility clinic and knows how it can go. We decided not to tell anyone when I get pregnant until I'm 27 weeks.

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So we're TTC #2, not #1, but we are absolutely keeping it a secret this time so people won't constantly ask us how it's coming along. No pressure, no pity if it doesn't happen, no "have you tried?" or "maybe you should..." if they don't think it's happening fast enough. Everyone was all up in my vagina last time, and I won't have it this time. It was heartbreaking after I repeatedly had miscarriages and didn't want to tell people, and they kept going, "OMG, you're still not pregnant?!" and offering their "helpful" advice. Like seriously, stay out of it!

I have no intentions of telling anyone until after we conceive and get the chromosomal testing done and results back. I don't want to announce and discover that there's a fatal abnormality or something.

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Didn’t tell anyone last time and not this time either

To me it’s kinda personal between me and husband, I don’t want people asking etc

Plus it’s nice to suprise people when you can announce

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I ve told my close friends, my mum and my aunty (in confidence) . I ve not talked anybody at work even thought I get on well with them and joke about lots of stuff. I ve not told any of DH 's family, too much pressure, I am even tempted to wait til 12 week scan cos they get excited about babies so much I found it hard to handle with the first one. They were going on about buying the baby's bed and I wasn't even sure the baby was alright.

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Pregnant (Expecting)
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Me and my DH are in the same boat. We haven't told anyone that we are planning to start TTCing once this cycle starts (hopefully that will be any day now). I just don't want the pressure of having people keep asking me, or looking at my stomach every time I see them, or people telling me that having kids isn't going to be easy/asking me if I'm sure I am ready.
I don't think I would tell my mom until about 6-8 weeks and definitely not DH's mom until the first trimester is over. I am a bit worried though because currently we live with my mom, and I have to take Clomid to see if I will ovulate... I don't know if ill have any side effects but if I do I'm worried she will notice.
I did tell my best friend that I am tired of waiting for the 'right time' and she agreed that life is too short to keep waiting for perfect timing.
Other than that, its just something between DH and I which I why this community is so great! Being able to vent/share your concerns and excitement with others that are also on the journey and wont judge you is just what I (and I'm sure many of you) need throughout this time!

Baby dust to all of you trying !

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I've literally never heard of anyone telling their family and friends that they are TTC. How strange.

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Old Oct 18th, 2017, 17:42 PM   17
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We didn't plan on but I've ended up telling a few close friends simply because I'm a terrible liar and we got onto talking about contraception and I couldn't answer!

I warned them though, no symptom spotting or getting excited if I'm not having a drink because that doesn't mean I am, just means I've chose not to that night!

I'm super close to my friends and with them having children recently as well, they can give me some advice and alleviate any worries I've got.

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Waiting To Try (WTT)
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I'm not wanting to tell anyone either. As mentioned, i don't want the... "how's it going.. have you tried...." we're just going to go with it and see what happens. My husband's parents have been dying for their first grand baby so they cant wait, but we may hold off and start trying in the new year instead. We will see.
I agree that that's why i like this forum. I joined for this exact reason. I don't want to tell everyone, so now i have people to talk to and ask questions and read posts from. It's been great so far!

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Pregnant (Expecting)
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BFN last month so back to the beginning. Whenever someone at my work is sick everyone at my office always asks "OMG are you pregnant???" I can't wait to be like "um yes!":happy dance:

DH is going to be on a work trip this month during the TWW so I will be on my own symptom spotting. I have a feeling I'm going to spill to a friend.

Fx for you all!

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