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I'm sorry I'm actually new to posting on forums I don't really understand what OPK means. If there is any way you can help me that would be awesome I really appreciate it. Ok for using the ovulation calendar by my last period was on 09/28 and ended 10/02 I started having sex with my partner on 10/06, then again on 10/10 and last on 10/12. Based on the calendar I was fertile that whole week. So now that I am 5 DPO I've been extremely bloated all day everyday for the last 4 days. All day yesterday I had to use the restroom (about 4 times in an hour), I am gassy, I am sensitive to smell without getting nauseous I have a creamy white discharge as of last night, my moms noticed I've been rubbing my belly or if I have a thin light jacket over my blouse then I'm often caught covering my stomach area. I'm pretty sure I felt this way with my other pregnancies but it's been so long I do not remember. PLZ HELP! Thank you

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OPK stands for Ovulation Prediction Strips. You pee on them once or twice a day to help pinpoint ovulation. A lot of women will use OPKs and temping (taking your basal body temperature [BBT]) to understand their body know and know exactly when they ovulate.

Unfortunately, a lot of early pregnancy symptoms can also just be your body being your body or oncoming period. 5 dpo is also early for symptoms to show up. How else are you tracking your O?

I hope it turns out for you.

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