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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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Confused, can it be implantation bleeding


My partner and I have only been trying to concieve for three months now. This time I had a really good feeling about it.
Today I started bleeding.
This is gonna be a little graphic, sorry. Since we started trying there really isn't tmi for me anymore.
At first it was just a tiny, light red spot on the toilet paper and nothing more. I thought, it might be implantation spotting, but a little later (I went to the toilet a lot to check) there was quite some more blood and I was so disappointed. It's still going on, I didn't use a tampon, just in case. On the pad is a stain, not extremely much, but not just a few spots either. There was no clotting in it yet (which I usually get)
Normally my periods are between 24 and 26 days apart. Today it would be 23 days. It being this early happened twice in the past two or three years.

I had slight to almost mediocre cramping since the bleeding started. Now it's very slight. Normally I get bad cramps and have to medicate, otherwise I can't move.
But there's a flow, so I'm caught between disheartened and desperate clinging to hope.
The past days I had sore breasts and felt faint a lot. (the sore breasts I get occassionally before periods as well) I experienced my usual symptoms for pms as well, like oddly hungry, moody, gas, tired.

Do you think there could still be a chance? I'm pretty much on the no-side now, because of the blood, but, well, part of me is just so hopeful.
I haven't told my partner yet, I want to be completely sure before either raising or crushing hopes.
I had such a positive feeling until I saw the blood becoming more (the last times I was rather sure it didn't work and turned out to be right)
Maybe it was just wishful thinking.

In case you couldn't tell from my rambling and detail listing, I (well, we) really, really want to start a family. any thoughts on the situation? Is all hope lost for this month?
I'd be very grateful for a reply!

regards, Anne

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Possible ... how are you getting on Anne?

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