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Just need a vent session!!

When it seems everyone around you is pregnant but you suffer in silence. The holidays are the worst. Wanting a baby for so long and just praying we are finally on the right track. Screaming, crying, mad, sad, etc etc. None of it helps anymore. I can't be the only one feeling like this. I've kept my struggle to myself except a handful of friends and even those ones seem to feel the need to show me pregnancy tests. I want to be happy for them. And I am to some extent but it leaves me feeling like a failure. Like what did I do wrong that would keep me from the one thing I want desperately. Stronger meds this cycle. At least I can pray my time is coming. I just needed to vent even if no one responds, sometimes you need to just let it all out. Baby dust ladies!!

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Hi. I'm sorry you are going through that. It's really hard ttc in your 30s. I just turned 33 and am ttc no 2 but I have had my mom talk about random aholes that just had babies or are expecting and it just feels so frustrating like they don't care what's actually happening and I just want to scream I'm working on it and it's not happening do quit forcing me to hear about how you want more grandkids. Focus on the one you have maybe take time out of your day to actually spend time with us that doesn't require weeks of planning and leave me the hell alone.
I know you probably get it worse but I was 30 when ttc my dd and 31 when I had her so I hear the struggle

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