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How long after depo did things retur to normal?

I thought I壇 post here as you ladies might know a bit more than me. I知 not trying to conceive I have 2 children with a previous partner and my new partner and I are not ready, we are currently moving into our own home and I知 just about to start a new career so definatly no babies for a while! I知 currently on the depo and it痴 making me so ill my periods are all over the place and I cannot cope anymore, I知 supposed to go back in jan for my 5th round and I知 not going too, but I want things to return to normal before I go on a different form of contraception.

Anyone who came off the depo? And how long did things take to get back to normal!

Thanks girls!


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I was on depo for 3 months (1 shot), yes it's not very nice at all, I was bleeding randomly and was making life so much harder lol. After 3 weeks or so, I got my first normal period back. I now have regular bleeding and have no more side effects, I came off depo around 3 months ago. All women are different, for some it can take up to 10 months to leave your system. xx

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