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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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AF 13 days late BFN's

Hello everyone

I'm new here. Just wondered if there are any of you going through the same as me right now?

My AF is currently 13 days late (CD49). I took 2 HPT's (IC's) nearly a week ago and both were negative. I took another 2 this morning (1 IC and 1 Superdrug) again both were negative.

I've been feeling nauseous on and off the past few days and had diarrhoea one evening and the following morning. I've had cramping on/off for a few days too. I have been feeling so tired and suffering with mood swings!

I had an usual 50 cycle back in August, so its strange it's happening again. My average cycle length is 36 days. We've been trying to conceive for 9 months.

I was really hopeful this month and just wondered if anyone else is going through the same scenario. Feeling frustrated waiting for AF, particularly with feeling nauseous and crampy. Losing all hope of a BFP this month.

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